April 8, 2022, Elder Update

Harvest Family,

We want to update you on a few important items from our recent meeting.

Town Hall Meetings
The elders along with many other leaders of Harvest are excited to connect with as many people as possible during the Town Hall Meetings taking place this week. We are praying that this will be a time to grow as a church body as we communicate and interact with you, the congregants of Harvest. Please see the Town Hall Meetings information provided in this email for location and times at each campus.

Elder Board Changes
We are excited to communicate some upcoming changes to the size and the makeup of the elder board.  After faithful service to the board and our church by many different men, the two elder positions filled by Campus Pastors will no longer be a part of the makeup of the board.

The Campus Pastor elders served our church very well, but with our Lead Teaching Pastor and our Lead Operations Pastor firmly in place on the elder board, it was time to make this change.  At the same time, the board is planning on including campus pastors and church leaders in our board meetings moving forward so that their voices continue to be included and heard, but they will not be official voting members of the board.

This change also helps with our goal of slightly decreasing the total number of elder board members.  We are thankful that God has now taken Harvest to a place in which we have many key, faithful leaders in place who allow us to comfortably make these changes.  In fact, we as a board are encouraged to have officially moved from a time where we were needing to have meetings every week to now shifting to meeting on a monthly basis.  We feel this change indicates a greater level of stability at Harvest and a time of moving forward into what God has for us.

New Elder Board Members
Finally, we will be transitioning some of our lay elders off of the board while we look forward to welcoming new members. The new elder selection process is underway and is being led by both a campus pastor and elder representatives.  A redevelopment of the new elder training program is also being worked on to ensure that those who are ultimately selected are as prepared to serve as possible.  Please join us in prayer for this very important process.

As a board, we continue to trust our great God in all things. He has proven Himself faithful time and time again and we humbly and expectantly look forward to the days ahead of Harvest.

You are loved,
The Elders of Harvest Bible Chapel