May 27, 2022, Elder Update

Dear Harvest Family,

Following our most recent elder meeting, we want to give you a brief update. 

First of all, we would like to thank everyone for attending the Town Hall events at each campus. The number of people that took the time to come, listen, and ask questions was really encouraging. This shows us a lot about your heart and the love you have for our church and the Church of our Lord as a whole. We appreciated your participation and have had many discussions around what we heard from you and how to continue to move Harvest forward together in the Lord.  In fact, another round of similar Town Hall meetings is in the works for the fall. 

We as an elder board are also excited to have mapped out a plan to spend time focusing on and clarifying the vision of Harvest Bible Chapel. We will join our Senior Leaders for times to specifically focus on what we feel God is calling us toward as a church. Harvest is blessed to have been set on a solid foundation based on what God’s Word says about the ministry of the local church, and that foundation will remain. Where our focus lies beyond that is something that we want to define as clearly as possible for all of our benefits.  We are excited to work on this and ask for your prayers around as we move forward. 

—The Elders of Harvest Bible Chapel