October 14, 2022 | Elder Update

Dear Harvest Family,

Following our monthly meeting earlier this week, we want to provide a few updates for you.

We as a board are very thankful for the Town Hall Meetings taking place on each campus. We would like to thank those who attended the North Shore and Rolling Meadows meetings and encourage you to attend the one on your campus.  We are thankful for the hearts of our Lead Team who are committed to communication and connection with the people who call Harvest their church home.  We are also grateful for those who invest the time and energy to be involved and ask questions.  We invite you to join us in praying that these meetings will continue to help us move forward toward what God has for Harvest.

As time passes, the members of the Elder Board have and will continue to change.  Elders who are on the board can serve up to two three-year terms. We communicated in previous updates that some Elder Board members’ time on the board has come to an end. We also anticipate that others will be changing over in the near future.  We as a board will be working along with the staff leaders to identify, interview, and train new board members.  The names of future elders will come to the church family for consideration before they begin serving.

Would you pray with us as we start the application and interview process with some candidates right now?  All along the way are trusting God in this that He will provide the men that He needs at this point in time to help lead Harvest Bible Chapel.

Finally, we as a board know that the right sizing of our staff has had an impact on many in our Harvest family.  We know this has affected those staff members who have transitioned on from Harvest, those staff members who are continuing, and our congregants.  We want you to know that we have asked our staff leaders how we as Elders can help our people at this point in time and are going to be working with them to help shepherd, support, encourage, and pray for those involved.

—The Elders of Harvest Bible Chapel

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