September 23, 2022 | Elder Update

Dear Harvest Family,

The Elder Board is coming off of two recent meetings and would like to take this opportunity to provide you with an update regarding what we have been up to.

First of all, we would like to communicate that after three-and-a-half years of service as a Harvest Bible Chapel (HBC) Elder and the Church Treasurer, Tim Stoner is rolling off the board. This change is part of the planned turnover of the Elder Board and we are thankful that Darrin Weidman, who has already been serving on the board, has stepped into the role of Church Treasurer.  We invite you to pray for us as we go through the process of transition to Darrin. Tim has served Harvest in a great way and has helped lead us with a servant’s heart and spirit of perseverance. If you know Tim we encourage you to express your thanks to him personally.

Second, on Friday, September 16, the Elders, the Campus Pastors, and the HBC Lead Team members had the opportunity to get together for a time of connection and vision casting. We know that many of you were praying for this time we had together and we want you to know that not only were we grateful for your prayers but we were blown away at how God answered those prayers as we had a really powerful evening together.  It was an encouraging night full of prayer, discussion, questions, and ultimately the sense of unity that we all long for as leaders at HBC.

Several big-picture vision items for the ministry of HBC were discussed and the staff is starting to fine-tune the details so that the leaders of our church can be on the same page and pulling in the same direction.  We are also thankful for God’s timing regarding this meeting because the overall vision and direction were needed to give our leaders guidance in the important decisions they are making as we move forward.

Additionally, at this meeting, along with time spent during our two previous Elder Board meetings, the staff has been able to share with us, the Elder Board, much about the need for the church to be right-sized in regards to the number of staff members we have at HBC. These conversations have not been easy, but we understand the need for changes to be made.

Know that we as a board are praying for this entire process as it will have a significant impact on staff members at HBC on many levels. We want to express that we have heard from the HBC leaders about these decisions and we are thankful for the posture of their hearts, their transparency, and the process that was followed along the way.  We continue to trust our God, and we can’t wait to see how He will continue to answer our prayers and move in our church and beyond as we at HBC seek to live out our mission of making true professing, practicing, and persevering disciples.

The Elders of Harvest Bible Chapel