Harvest Apprenticeship Program

The Apprenticeship Program is an intentional discipleship program within the Church for young men and women. This 9-month Gap Year Program provides young adults post-high school with biblical training, spiritual formation, and ministry experiences. 

Integrating both the day-to-day of practical ministry as well as cohort courses, Apprentices will grow: heart, mind, soul, and strength. Apprenticeship exists for formation during the transition, all for the glory of God. We are thankful to be a partner of Moody Bible Institute to equip and empower the next generations of leaders! 

Our main objectives for our Interns and Apprentices:

  1. Grow deeper Spiritual Roots in the soil of Christian community, watered by God’s Word.
  2. Develop a panoramic and practical understanding of the Bible, our place in history, and God’s work in and through our lives.
  3. Gain hands-on ministry experience within the local church.
  4. Go out from your selected program loving God, His Word, His Church, and His world — equipped to be better ambassadors for Christ, His kingdom, and His world, where ever God leads.
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Transitional times are formative times. During the transition out of the teen years and into adulthood, young adults face pivotal questions about faith and life, about identity and direction. Watch this video to learn more about our heart for the Apprenticeship Program!

Details for Future Apprentices and Interns

Harvest Apprenticeship 

  • Goals || Equip and Empower
    • To provide college-age you adults with a year, of ministry experience, theological grounding, & spiritual formation
  • Ministry Aspects || Church Ministry Experience
    • Gather in the Apprenticeship Cohort: 9 Months (beginning August 2023)
    • Serving 20 hours a week in ministry responsibilities (compensated)
    • Learning by participating in the local church; hands-on experience
    • Meet regularly, no less than monthly, with Leadership Development for ongoing encouragement in academic, ministry and spiritual progress.
  • Academic Aspects || Accredited Courses
    • Cohort model / classes with fellow apprentices
    • 20 Hours per week of study and class
    • Gaining at least 6 credit hours 
  • Compensation || 20 Hours a week 
    • This is a part-time work and part-time school experience.  
    • Wages will be set at minimum wage.
  • In-Take || How to Apply and Receive more Details
    • Applications open now! Interviews take place through January – July

Harvest Internship

  • Goals || Train and Disciple 
    • To provide students in college with concurrent & significant Local-Church Ministry involvement
  • Ministry Aspects || Church Ministry Experience
    • Flexible for time and structure and for duration of internship, depending on student and needs in ministries / campuses
    • Working and serving 10-20 hours a week
  • Academic Aspects || Accredited Courses
    • Progress in an approved Academic Program
    • Attending Monthly Intern cohort sessions / meeting with Leadership Development team for support

  • Cost || Wages to be Determined
    • Receive Minimum wage or receive Internship Credit through at the student’s academic Institution.
    • Provide proper support and documentation from academic advisor and/or college advisor

  • In-Take || How to Apply and Receive more Details
    • Applications open now! Interviews take place through January – July

In Partnership with Moody Bible Institute

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