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Harvest Apprenticeship Program

This 9-month Gap Year Program is for Young Adults who wish to grow in the walk with Christ and walk out their faith by serving in hands-on-ministry at Harvest Bible Chapel.

Integrating both practical ministry tasks with a classroom cohort environment, Apprentices will  be equipped to be better ambassadors for Christ and His kingdom — wherever God leads them!

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to youTherefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself...” Matt. 6:33-34


• Minimum education: High School diploma or GED
• Young adults (ages 18-25)


• 9-Month Program • 20 hours of Education per week • 20 hours of paid hours for Ministry Responsibilities

Grow deeper Spiritual Roots in the soil of Christian community. Developing their discipleship skills and spiritual formation.

Develop a panoramic and practical understanding of the Bible, our place in history, and God’s work in and through our lives.

Gain hands-on ministry experience, a greater love for God’s Word, God’s mission and God’s people – the Church – within a ministry context.

FAQ'S for Harvest Apprentices

A: Zero cost! Apprentices are paid part-time for ministry experience and will engage in Biblical studies, theology and discipleship at no cost. 

A: Harvest Apprenticeship aims to equip and empower college-age young adults through a year-long experience focused on ministry, theological grounding, and spiritual formation.

Goals | Equip and Empower 

A: Participants will join the Apprenticeship Cohort for 9 months, starting in August 2023. They will serve 20 hours a week in ministry responsibilities, compensated accordingly. This involves hands-on experience within the local church and regular meetings with Leadership Development for ongoing support in academic, ministry, and spiritual growth.

Ministry Aspects | Church Ministry Experience

A: Yes! Participants will engage in part-time work and part-time school, dedicating 20 hours a week to work and 20 hours to school. Wages will be set at minimum wage to support their commitment to both ministry and academic pursuits.

Compensation | 20 Hours a week

A: Yes, Harvest Apprenticeship follows a cohort model with classes provided by Harvest Staff and Moody Bible Institute alongside fellow apprentices. Participants will dedicate 20 hours per week to study and classwork, earning at least 6 credit hours through accredited courses.

Academic Aspects | Accredited Courses

A: Applications are currently open! Interviews are conducted from January to August. To apply or receive more details, please click on the “Apply Here” button above or below website or click “Contact Us” to connect with one of our directors. 

In-Take | Apply Online and Receive more Details

In Partnership with Moody Bible Institute

Harvest’s Apprenticeship Program is thankful to partner with Moody Bible Institute to equip and empower the next generation. You can learn more about this program and our partnership by emailing either our Pastor of Leadership Development, Kyle Meeker, or our Associate Director, Lindsay Olford. 

Contact the Lead Team