Harvest Leadership Development exists to help fulfill the disciple-making mission of the Church through the theologically rich teaching of God’s Word and the practical, culturally competent training of God’s people.

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Harvest is offering courses to each member of the church to unpack the depths of God’s doctrines and build our faith in God and His Word. These courses will be taught centrally and/or locally by our pastor theologians and are available for everyone!

Our goal is to preserve and propel the saints for the work of the ministry through the teaching of sound doctrine (Titus 2:1).


As we are developing the structures to support this mission, there are three tiers (three levels) of involvement. To use a baseball analogy of the training system (Single-A, Double-A, Triple-A), we have three areas of focus, each with an increasing amount of time investment. But all tiers are geared toward growth in Christ.

A – Classes for All! (Harvest Bible Institute)

  • Currently, Harvest Bible Chapel is offering Bible Classes and Theology Classes.
  • We are working on developing more ‘classroom’ environments to complement the ‘living room’ of Growth Groups. Both types of ‘rooms’ serve in making disciples.
  • To see full courses, scroll down to the class list below.

AA – Apprentice (Harvest Internship)

  • Specific service within the Church to gain an inside perspective on ministry as people consider pursuing full-time ministry.
  • Flexible to accommodate time schedules and Interests
  • Potential connections with colleges; some interns may receive college credit.

Coming soon! Target date to launch: Fall of 2023

AAA – Residency (Harvest Deploy)

Harvest Deploy is the final development stage for those that seek to lead their own church or help with an existing church. This final four-year program will equip you with a Master of Divinity, laying a firm theological foundation for you to go out and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them and teaching all that our Lord Jesus as commanded.

In conjunction with Grace Seminary’s Deploy Program:

  • Two Master’s degree program options (MA and MDiv) in Competency-Base Theological Education (CBTE)
  • Training within the local church, the ‘Residency’ component, so would be brought on as a staff role as well to provide a context to demonstrate ministry competencies.
  • Some current staff is enrolling in the initial stages of Harvest Deploy. We plan to add Harvest Deploy Residents; full details for the application are available.