Biblical Ministry Development

"…Train everyone you send and send everyone you train.”

Faithful disciples of Jesus thrive when they pursue growing deeper in their knowledge of Who God is within Church community.

Harvest has curated programs for our members, lay leaders, undergraduate students, and graduate-level students. Our primary aim is to foster deeply rooted disciples of Jesus in the truth; to enrich the theological understanding, spiritual disciplines, and leadership capabilities of individuals in their lifelong commitment to pursuing the Lord with unwavering devotion in their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Theology Classes | Winter Session

Introduction to Theology

An accessible guide to Theology, join us for this 10-week study through Knowing God’s Truth, a book on theological basics open to all. This course is available at our Rolling Meadows and Elgin campuses.

This class is open to everyone who wants to dive deeper into God, Scripture, humanity, sin, church, justification and more! We will use Pastor Jon Nielson’s book, Knowing God’s Truth. The book is available to purchase HERE on Amazon, but you can purchase the book anywhere.

The goal of this course is to provide a clear and meaningful understanding of the Bible and the key doctrines of the Christian faith. We prayerfully hope you will join us as we dive into these important topics together. Register for the course below!

Systematic Theology | Winter Session

Humanity, Jesus & Salvation – Starting January 9th, we will cover Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology: Chapters 21, 22 and 23 (All dealing with the Doctrine of Man).

Our identity as people – as male and female – is a sad point of cultural confusion in our day. Even more sad is our disconnect from the One whose image we bear. Join us as we study these topics over 9-10 weeks this winter to spring. Though the seasons progress, each season stands on its own. You can attend the sessions in any order.

This Winter will cover the middle third of Grudem’s book and will begin Tuesday, January 9th at 6:30pm. The class conversation will be led by Dr. Jeff Bucknam and Dr. Kyle Meeker and guests. Purchase book HERE. Register for course below!

Saturday Theology Intensives

Covering doctrines of the church, important theological discussions and tough topics. Saturday Theological Intensives are available for everyone to engage, learn and discuss. Watch all the recent Saturday Theology Intensives down below. Stay tuned for more events!

Who God Is
Saturday Theology Intensive

Fall 2021

An systematic theology overview of Who God is taught by Dr. Kyle Meeker and Dr. Bryan O’Neal; hosted by Pastor Carl Barkow.

Election and Our Salvation
Saturday Theology Intensive

Fall 2021

An extensive discussion on election, predestination, and our salvation with Dr. Jeff Bucknam, Dr. Michael Vanlaningham, and Dr. Kyle Meeker hosted by Pastor Carl Barkow.

The Church
Saturday Theology Intensive

Fall 2021

What is the Church? We drive past church buildings and even go to Church. How can the purpose of the Church and even its organization help us not only understand the Bible better, but follow Christ more closely? Grab your Bible, a notebook, and pen.

This theology intensive features presentations from Dr. Jeff Bucknam, Dr. Kyle Meeker, and Pastor Carl Barkow.

The Bible
Saturday Theology Intensive

Fall 2021

Watch now as special guest, Dr. Matthew Harmon, from Grace Seminary helps us learn more about the Bible itself. How did we get it? Are there errors? Is it even possible to understand such an ancient book? Can we know God’s will? Dr. Jeff Bucknam and Dr. Kyle Meeker also led this theology intensive workshop.

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