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Grace Marriage is a quarterly half-day experience that builds marriages to showcase the grace of God through practical next steps.

Reduce Crisis Marriage Counseling and Divorce.

Presently, crisis marriage counseling and divorce are major issues in churches and a drain on pastoral time. Grace Marriage provides a pathway to prevent crises and help couples thrive.

Close the Marriage Ministry Gap in Churches.

While children’s and youth ministries are prevalent, churches must not leave the marriage space empty. Where there’s only premarital counseling and crisis care, couples lack the tools to grow.

Disciple and Shepherd Marriages.

Couples will not be more intentional with their marriages than the church is with their marriage ministry. We believe it is an integral role of the church to protect and enrich marriages.

Shift Couples from Performance-Based to Grace-Based Marriages.

Building marriages on God’s grace places couples on a solid foundation so they can thrive, even through trials. Marriages are then able to showcase the Gospel to the watching world.

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