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Engage your Ministry Calling

About Harvest Deploy

Harvest is committed to equipping men and women to know God’s deeply and use their gifts in advancing the Gospel. That is why we are partnering with Grace Theological Seminary to provide two Graduate level courses to anyone with a desire to grow in their theological foundations, or have a passion to serve in ministry for the Gospel.

We use a competency-based theological education  model (CBTE) delivering theological seminary online and onsite within a ministry context at your local church.

This innovative program can be accomplished much faster than traditional seminary degrees. Students must achieve a minimum B grade of mastery in order to progress to the next competency. No waiting. Master one and move on.
While receiving formal theological training from an academic mentor, all students participate in active service opportunities within the local church where they will document, dialogue, and deconstruct their experiences with an insightful ministry mentor, all while receiving shepherding from a spiritual mentor.
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Developing future Leaders

Today, there is an increasing need for theological education that is accessible, affordable, and contextualized. In other words, an online seminary option that is available for those who want graduate theological education without leaving their community, church, job, or relocating their family. We have responded to this need through Harvest Deploy.

We offer a choice between a Master’s of Divinity (M.Div) and a local ministry-based Masters (M.A), to meet students’ and churches’ needs. Fully available online and in partnership with Harvest Bible Chapel. Learn more by reading below!

M.Div. in General Ministry
Preaching, Teaching, Biblical Languages, Bible Interpretation, and Pastoral Care

The MDiv online degree path provides excellent training for those who aspire to or are involved in vocational ministry, especially those interested in preaching, teaching, senior leadership, and/or continuing scholarship.

M.A. in Local Church Ministry
Discipleship, Organizational Leadership, Age or Niche-based Ministry, and Spiritual Formation

The Master of Arts program in Local Church Ministry is designed to provide a strong theological foundation. This program is intended for students desiring additional theological study for their particular field of ministry within church congregational life.

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Program Distinctions & Benefits

A Partnership with Your Local Church

Accelerate in the Program at Any Time

Ministry Mentor / Formation Mentor / Academic Mentor

Actual Ministry – The Most Practical Education

Students Receive a Free Digital Library

Grace is a member of the Competency-Based Education Network

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