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Helpful Books

Male & Female He Created Them

by Denny Burk, David Closson & Colin Smothers (2023)
A superb set of resources for individuals or for groups: a book and workbook plus some very helpful video summaries free online.

Gender Ideology. What Do Christians Need to Know?

by Sharon James (2019)
An excellent and succinct book.

Strange New World: How Thinkers and Activists Redefined Identity and Sparked the Sexual Revolution

by Carl Trueman (2022)
If interested in some of the history leading the way to today, Trueman’s book chronicles the influences and influencers who paved the way for our current cultural confusion.

Helpful Videos

The Holy Sexuality Project 

A video-based series designed especially for teens and parents.

Do I Use Preferred Pronouns?

‘Should Christians Use Preferred Pronouns?’ (The Yes side)

Do I Use Preferred Pronouns?

‘Why I No Longer Use Transgender Pronouns—and Why You shouldn’t, Either (The No side)

Helpful Ministries

Out of Egypt Ministries

Practical resources from Patti Height, a friend of Harvest Bible Chapel and someone previously part of the LGBT community.

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