It’s Still All About Jesus!

Excited to reintroduce you to High Five, a high-energy, high-impact, Bible-based day camp for children from preschool through fifth grade! Whether you are six or sixteen or sixty years old, High Five offers you the opportunity to create a week doing what you love while being part of an experience that is bigger than yourself.

In our culture, a high five . . . a fist bump or elbow tap . . . has become a simple act to tell someone “Hey, I appreciate you.” At High Five, we stop everything to tell Jesus Christ “We appreciate you.” But we also want to tell each other “I appreciate the way Jesus made you . . . special and unique with purpose.” High Five is a week of worshiping Jesus, a week of finding our true selves exactly how Jesus made us—valuable, precious, honored, unique, royal, special, wanted . . . loved.

Each campus offers its own unique experience from Soccer to Military Strategy, from Cooking to Daughter of the King. And for the youngest campers embark on the preschool elective: FLY! You don’t want to miss this incredible week.

Discover for yourself what thousands have experienced for over a decade: High Five summer day camp. Hosted at Harvest Bible Chapel in Aurora, Crystal Lake, Elgin, and Rolling Meadows.  Then send your family on a worship and learning experience they will never forget. It’s life-changing and desperately needed more than ever.

When is High Five?

Crystal Lake
June 13–17
June 20–24
Rolling Meadows
June 27–July 1
June 27–July 1
North Shore
July 18–22
Chicago Cathedral
July 25–29


High Five is Chicagoland’s premier day camp for everyone.

1) High Five Campers register for two electives based on the grade they will enter in fall 2022. The age a child may attend FLY! varies from campus to campus. Please see each campus’s specific page for details.

2) High Five Volunteers are students who have completed fifth grade through adult. Men, women, high school students, college students, grandmas, grandpas, young and old all serve in High Five. Volunteer discounts are campus-specific.

Adults and grandparents who register to work receive a volunteer discount code. Enter that code when you register your children/grandchildren and receive a significant discount on your registration. The discount code is valid for all the children in your family.

Due to the limited elective size, some electives will be full and close quickly. Volunteer spots fill as well so, register early. Because we provide excellent care for the “most important person in the world to someone,” every volunteer is required to complete a simple but rigorous clearance and training.

Be a High Five Patron or Corporate Sponsor

If you would like to partner with us to bring High Five to Chicagoland, please follow this link to give or contact Jennifer Abbatacola for more information.

How Do High Five Camp Fees Work?

High Five costs between $85-$250 depending on the age of your camper and what each camper designs for his/her day camp experience. You also have the option to purchase an additional t-shirt ($15) or a lunch ($30). Additional charges for premium electives are stated in the elective description. We increased the volunteer discount to $42.50 for preschool half-day campers and $85 for full-day campers. A down payment of $50 is due at the time of registration and holds a camper’s place at High Five. The balance is collected on June 1.   

There is also a $50 fee for students entering Grades 6–10 that covers a t-shirt, lunch, snacks, and training. Please note that Camp Harvest for students entering Grades 6–8 is June 20–24. 

Before May 31, you may cancel your registration and receive a full refund. After May 31, there is a cancellation fee. Please read more about this policy in each campus’ FAQs.  

High Five is for everyone so if we can serve you with scholarship assistance, please do not hesitate to ask. We invite you to ask early as scholarships are granted first-come, first-served. Scholarships open April 1 and you can request assistance at any time through this link.  

Health and Cleanliness at High Five

Since 2020 many activities in our community have been canceled that contribute to healthy childhoods. Interestingly, thousands of children living in other parts of our country have continued to engage in these activities including camps. The following are answers to potential questions parents may ask.

Are facial coverings required or prohibited at High Five?

Facial coverings are neither required nor prohibited at any of Harvest’s High Fives this summer. We will honor each person, parent, volunteer, and camper, and treat each other with respect. If you wish to wear a mask, you are welcome to do so. If you wish to wear a gator-type facial covering, please do so. If you wish not to wear a mask, please do not. Each person will be respected and honored. You may find some specific areas of volunteers wearing facial coverings due to their area of service. This will be stated in the volunteer description.

Will you require a vaccination card to be presented?

No. We will not require any vaccination record to be presented to attend High Five.

Will staff or volunteers present different opinions and preferences in regards to pandemics and health care?

No. A person’s individual, personal, private opinions about healthcare should remain personal and private.

Will you notify parents and volunteers if a Covid positive case has been reported?

Yes, and more. Every evening High Five participants will receive an email. This email will notify High Five participants of helpful information regarding the following day and a health update.  The daily health update will include information about Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease, Lice, Covid, and the stomach flu. If there are no reported cases of any health issue, this email will state that clearly.  The electives will be stated in the email but since contact is nearly impossible to detect, we will not be sending close contact correspondence.

Will you be adding extra sanitary measures?

Each campus has been functioning on its own set of practical sanitary measures during the past High Fives. There had been an acceleration in sanitary measures leading up to High Five 2020. This year we will implement commonly-accepted and aggressive sanitation practices in every area.  We believe this is one of the benefits of the pandemic and are greatly appreciated by our community.

Will you implement a strict social distancing policy?

Yes and no. We will spread out when we can and we will use larger spaces for smaller groups when we can. We will use outdoor spaces when we are able to do so. There is no sharing of food or drinks and we do not provide competitions that use shared food or drinks. However, children around the country have been enjoying camps for two summers. If your child requires an environment with strict Covid protocols, we suggest they wait one more year.

How can I best partner with you so our children can enjoy High Five?

Thank you for asking! For decades, we have asked parents to keep their children home if they have experienced an elevated temperature within 24 hours of the event, discharge of green or yellow mucus, complaints of stomachaches or sick feelings, or experience diarrhea. Please monitor your child’s health as well as others living in your household. This is not a new policy for children’s ministry, this is a basis for family life. If you could partner with us not only at High Five but at every ministry event, we would be grateful.

Will there be a full refund if my child becomes ill?

We will refund your payment in full before May 31, 2022, at 11:59 PM. After that date, we will refund your payment less a $25 supply fee. We truly do not have a choice since we must purchase supplies.

In regards to health and cleanliness, who is the appropriate point of contact with comments, questions, and feedback either pre-High Five or during High Five?

All comments, questions, and feedback about health and cleanliness should be directed to Jennifer Abbatacola by email or you may text her and request a return call at 224-629-9047.  (Offices will be closed during the week of July 4.)